TeamSpeak and Discord Verification

Our Discord Address:

TeamSpeak Server:


We need to know what server you are on to verify you are on Desolation or its linked server. Each service has their own system but relies on YOU to identify yourself, and home server.

TeamSpeak Verification

Commanders and Server helpers should have the ability to add Desolation Defender or Ally tag in Teamspeak. This allows you to join the locked borderland channels.

Ideally be in the same squad as commander, or ask for permissions and STATE your home server. This can also be found in party/squad list if you hover over your name.

Discord Verification

Preferably a screenshot of your Character Select screen, with your home server shown. As the example below (don’t worry about marking it, or the Charr’s appearance.. In fact, forget the Charr..)

OR you can use GW2BOT to verify your API key from, This is a read-only key what the bot will only read the server name from ACCOUNT permission.



either in a direct message to GW2bot or in #verify_me, the bot will record and delete your message for privacy.

Then type


in #verify_me for a discord officer to give you the appropriate tag to view the other channels and join closed Voice channels.

Desolation Defender and Desolation Ally permission tags

You will get this permission once it is verified which server you are on. Dividing the tags allows us to sort out permissions upon server links.


New Bot test

We have a new bot which is in testing at the moment called WvWbot. It can handle your API key on the creators website ( and associate it with your discord account.

Instructions are on the bot creators site and we’ll likely to be keeping it in testing until after next linking.