Our Discord Address: dc.desolation.info

TeamSpeak Server: ts3.desolation.info

Why Verify?

We need to know what server you are on to verify you are on Desolation or its linked server. Each service has their own system but relies on YOU to identify yourself, and the home server.

TeamSpeak Verification

Commanders and Server helpers should have the ability to add Desolation Defender or Ally tag in Teamspeak. This allows you to join the locked borderland channels.

Ideally, be in the same squad as the commander, or ask for permissions and STATE your home server. This can also be found in party/squad list if you hover over your name.

Discord Verification

We use WvWBot to verify users, this is now done in Discord itself.

  1. in any discord channel, for example, #verify-help, type /add-key and read the instructions.
  2. Get your application key (api-key) on https://account.arena.net/applications create a new key and name it what WvVBot has asked you to name it with account and progression permission ticked. Copy that key.
  3. It should verify you instantly, but it can take up to an hour during resets/relinks. Have some patience if you are not getting verified instantly or try typing ‘/verify’ in #verify-help (don’t forget the dot). Wait at least 10 minutes before you go to step 4
  4. If you are still having problems, please let us know in the #verify-help channel. An @Admin or @[DC] Coordinator will help you as soon as possible.