Wintersday Wonders from the Black Lion Trading Company

    Plush Griffon Skin

    The Black Lion Trading Company is pleased to offer a soft and cuddly griffon skin inspired by one of Toymaker Tixx’s most beloved creations! Your mount-sized Plush Griffon is sure to bring joy to every Tyrian you meet during the long, dark winter.*

    This skin is available for individual purchase and can also be found as an uncommon drop in Black Lion Chests.

    Shimmering Aurora Chest

    Inside each chest, you’re guaranteed to find a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, The Evon Gnashblade Wintersday Gift, and two common items. You also have a chance to find something rarer in the fifth slot, including exclusive items, glyphs, and skins from the Daydreamer’s Weapon Collection and Winter’s Weapon Collection.

    Guaranteed Item: The Evon Gnashblade Wintersday Gift
    Evon hasn’t checked to see whether you’ve been naughty or nice—he’ll take your word for it. You’ll find a valuable assortment of festive items inside each personalized gift.

    Exclusive Item: Shimmering Aurora Cape and Glider Combo
    This ephemeral delight is guaranteed to be a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

    Shimmering Aurora Weapon Collection
    Wield the winter night with these stunning new weapon skins. The Shimmering Aurora Weapon Collection is available from Black Lion Weapons Specialists for one Black Lion Claim Ticket per skin.

    Wintersday Sales Continue

    Happy Wintersday from the Black Lion Trading Company! Visit the Gem Store this week to pick up a free Customer Appreciation Package and follow the official Guild Wars 2  TwitterInstagram, and Facebook accounts to stay up to date on more sales throughout the holidays.

    On Sale Today

    • Wintersday Wreath Backpack—40% Off

    18 December

    • Season 3 Expedition Contract—25% Off
    • Season 4 Expedition Contract—25% Off

    19 December

    • Black Lion Hunters Contract—25% Off
    • Black Lion Industry Contract—25% Off

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal outfit inventory this week, so be sure to stop by and peruse the selection.

    Returning Today

    • Season 1 Memory Box—Flame and Festivals
    • Season 1 Memory Box—Scarlet vs. Lion’s Arch
    • Snowflake Gobbler Pack
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*Please hand-wash your griffon and tumble dry.