Week 3 – I may of been doing something wrong ( FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-)

dT (Discretize.eu) got their new framework up and running, looks good with their Markdown system… I’d love something like that up and running on here. Would have made the last few months coding the current stuff a waste of time. *twitches eye*

A problem we had before with ItemStats has appeared again, all items which have selectable stats from our back end (ie id=”xx” stats=”xx”) return an error. Other sites probably avoid this by defining an item ID with the stats already on it (another example being Zoijas helm instead of Berserkers Ascended helm), a solution I might actually look at over the weekend, or pipe the label of the chosen option into the page.

I looked into the code for gw2armory and spent 2-3 days trying to get it to run on a local server just in case I could engineer something to work in the meantime. No dice, React framework is far too complicated for me.

I’ve also drawn up some odd plans involving storing gw2’s JSON into Transient for fast ID lookups and caching stat information. But going that route I might as well do a full plugin on that, and rewrite the stat choosing system, possible but more time needed.

I’m also looking into a user to discord verification system, sounds a bit too complicated at the moment, if at all even possible.