Looks like we’re dropping out of T1, the new link gives us a change and a chance to implement new things. Ideal week to tag up to learn commading.

First off, Gutenberg. It’s not compatible with the custom field stuff I made for builds. It’ll work, but not per profession like the old editor, meaning it shows all armor classes and specs for all classes. 

Solution to this is Short coding each thing. But you can’t tell that to do what we want it to. For example [heavyarmor helm=”beserker”] can output the gw2armory tag for heavy armor helm, but won’t look up the beserker id. 

Thought about running the GW2Armory interface alongside the site so the react in Gutenberg could pull it in. Except it can’t. Not even React frameworks on local dev server can. Can’t even figure it out past the ‘amazingly quick (2 hours)’ setup time, It’s beyond me.

So to note up what’s happening:

There is currently a LiveStream from Arena.net going on, with some surprise announcements: pips decay only when logged out, reward tonics, some useful stuff to watch out for.