Soo, Not much happening at the moment. Desolation being sick of T1 wants to drop away from a permanent matchup with Gandara (siege fetishes). Have an opportunity over next few weeks as our reputation of ‘PvE server’ kicks in with Halloween/ Mad King (as long as the other servers don’t out farm the labyrinth more than us!)



About Discord Verification:

It’s starting to annoy me now, that people join the server and either type ‘hey verify me’, without being in a comm’s squad (they do this when no comm’s running), providing a screenshot (or a screenshot of the WvW score screen.. What’s that supposed to tell us?! really?!) or show any sign of reading #verify_me’s topic, #read_me channel’s instructions.. or Rallybot’s PM with instructions. I am really struggling on finding ways to make any of it any clearer.

Guild Recruitment

With people fighting over being the most visible, and the auto posting bot going a bit mad with people editing their post. I’ve decided to switch it off and make a post for each Guild.