Week 4 – Slow down, and PPT’ing in the Labyrinth

Soo, Not much happening at the moment. Desolation being sick of T1 wants to drop away from a permanent matchup with Gandara (siege fetishes). Have an opportunity over next few weeks as our reputation of ‘PvE server’ kicks in with Halloween/ Mad King (as long as the other servers don’t out farm the labyrinth more than us!)


  • Sort out Discord Verification. I’m in talks with our team about making it easier. Might even relax it so that users can join in on general channels, but not WvW until they are spotted in a squad with the server name.
  • Recheck builds, add roam/squad tags and icons.
  • Implement templates properly so its all uniform.
  • Build the ‘suggest a build’ system with the fancy javascript from /index3.html
  • Adapt everything into its own drop in meta box/plugin so its usable on other sites.
  • Build new functions to allow labels to be put next to the icons in case API goes down again, for example; Helm: Maurader appears next to helm’s image/API output.
  • New build page


About Discord Verification:

It’s starting to annoy me now, that people join the server and either type ‘hey verify me’, without being in a comm’s squad (they do this when no comm’s running), providing a screenshot (or a screenshot of the WvW score screen.. What’s that supposed to tell us?! really?!) or show any sign of reading #verify_me’s topic, #read_me channel’s instructions.. or Rallybot’s PM with instructions. I am really struggling on finding ways to make any of it any clearer.

Guild Recruitment

With people fighting over being the most visible, and the auto posting bot going a bit mad with people editing their post. I’ve decided to switch it off and make a post for each Guild.