WarClaw updated information

This is all we know about the WarClaw from Tonights stream, the thread is ongoing on Reddit.com/r/GuildWars2

  1. Warclaw will be available in PVE once unlocked
  2. You acquire the Warclaw by putting 1 point into the Warclaw Mastery to start a Collection and Reward Track, which all need to be completed in WvW or Edge of the Mist.
  3. Warclaw has about 12k health, and will dismount the mounted character when it dies
  4. HOWEVER, should the Warclaw take enough fall damage to kill it, the mounted character will be full dead
  5. You do not get access to the new LWS4 Mount Masteries for the Warclaw (e.g. Bond of Vigor)
  6. Warclaws are immune to CC
  7. Warclaws can be stealthed by outside sources
  8. Warclaws have three Endurance bars, and the movement abilities have evade frames.
  9. Warclaw Skill 1 is the Engage ability, which deals some damage, applies 4 stacks of bleed, and most significantly, finishes any downed enemies within a radius with the appropriate Mastery.
  10. Warclaw Skill 2 is Sniff, which Marks enemies within a 5,000 unit-radius. It does not mark stealthed characters.
  11. Warclaw Skill 3 is Chain. It attaches a chain to an enemy gate and deals 2,000 damage per pull. Each pull expends 1 supply. You can have up to 3 Warclaws pulling at the gate.
  12. The Warclaw can be mounted in enemy territory
  13. The Warclaw runs at a faster speed while in friendly territory. In PVE, it runs approximately as fast as a Griffon on land.
  14. Warclaw mastery requires 126 points to be completed
  15. You need to own Path of Fire to unlock the Warclaw
  16. Requires 50 WvW Skirmish Claim Tickets (Wood and Bronze and 2 ticks of Silver) and 250 Badges of Honor. (thanks u/MichramH)
  17. The Warclaw was created in addition to the existing mounts because this would allow the WvW team better flexibility in tweaking its stats and functionality without affecting PVE.