Turn Up the Heat with the Volcanic Throne

    Volcanic Throne

    This fiery chair was inspired by the astounding lava falls of Ember Bay. Don’t worry about feeling the burn—it’s cool to the touch and perfectly safe to relax in.

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    9 March

    • Free Experience Booster
    • Free Item Booster
    • 35% Off—Draconic Wings, Skeletal Wings, Crystalline Dragon Wings, Golden Feather Wings, White Feather Wings, Black Feather Wings, Stained Glass Wings, Tanglewood Wings, Mursaat Wings, Wings of Love, Hawk Wings, Macaw Wings, Bat Wings, Glittering Wings, Nightspeaker Wings, and Butterfly Wings

    10 March

    • 20% Off—Recharging Teleport to Friend, World Boss Portal Device, and Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device

    March 11

    • 30% Off—Gallant Lightbearer Raptor Skin, Primal Spirit Jackal Skin, Sun Temple Gecko Springer Skin, and Nightfang Griffon Skin

    12 March—Dragon’s Watch Voucher Pack
    Use this value pack of vouchers to choose items commemorating your adventures with Dragon’s Watch. You’ll receive a Dragon’s Watch Outfit Voucher, Dragon’s Watch Weapon Voucher, Dragon’s Watch Backpack Voucher, Dragon’s Watch Mount Voucher, and Dragon’s Watch Glider Voucher.

    13 March

    • 25% Off—Black Lion Chest Keys

    14 March

    • 40% Off—Build Template Expansion and Build Storage Expansion

    15 March

    • 30% Off—Equipment Template Expansion

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