Trinkets from Living World Season 4 and IceBrood Saga

More Stat select-able trinkets available on the newer maps.
These map currencies are easy to get with WvW reward tracks. The Icebrood Saga drops so much and allows you to trade them for LS4 map currencies (Eternal Ice).

Living World Season 4 Trinkets


2000 volatile Magic + 100 Difluorite
RingLS4E2 (SandSwept Isles)

4000 Volatile Magic + 150 Difluorite
AccessoryLS4E2 (Sandswept Isles)

3000 Volatile Magic + 125 Mistborn Motes
AmuletLS4E6 (Dragonfall)

2000 Volatile Magic + 100 Mistborn Motes
RingLS4E6 (Dragonfall)

4000 Volatile Magic + 150 Mistborn Motes
AccessoryLS4E6 (Dragonfall)

Icebrood Sage Trinkets


56000 Karma + 375 Eternal Ice
AmuletIBSE1 (Bjora Marches)

56000 Karma + 375 Eternal Ice
AccessoryIBSE2 (Bjora Marches)
More coming when more episodes release

There is currently no stat selectable backpieces in Living World 4 or Icebrood saga outside of collections (in LW4 e2 and e3)

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