The WarClaw comes to World vs World

The cat’s out of the bag. Something big is coming to World vs. World next week!

On 26 February, befriend the warclaw—a new mount available exclusively through WvW. It’s the only mount that can carry you into battle in the Mist War, where its skills truly shine.

WvW Weeklong Bonus

To get you in the saddle quickly, you’ll earn double WXP when playing in WvW from 26 February to 5 March.
Mount has been postponed until 5th March, assuming the upcoming balance patch too.

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We were looking forward to the Friday night stream showing it off, but unfortunately, some major chaos appeared which will be posted about when we have more information.

  • From what we can see, this mount is acquirable in WvW and usable in PVE.
  • Required Currency unknown at this time.
  • Mount has siege and engage skills.