‘The Announcement’ and other news

30th of August has been and gone, ArenaNet’s season 5 Saga trailer is up and we’ve seen a glimpse of the future of the game. No stop that, its not that bad.

The Important Points

IF you buy Path of Fire (our Affiliate link is at the bottom of the page! thanks!) you will get Heart of Thorns FREE.
IF you brought Heart of Thorns between July and Now, You may be entitled to a Refund or Gems Compensation, more info here.

  • There will be a Prologue episode coming on 17th September
  • The Season SAGA(!) will focus on Charr and Norn player races and areas.
  • Build Templates are coming (wording used was in the coming months which feels closer than ‘Soon’)
  • New Masteries, these will be PvE based for sure.
  • Reward Restructuring and Alliances for WvW are not likely to hit together.
  • Alliances still being worked on, but there will still be population/rewards issues.
  • Strike missions, a sort of Raid-light/10 man bounty hunt, possibly instanced.
  • HoT is Free with PoF from now on (see above).
  • Marketing gone a bit mad. Head of Marketing appears on stage in strange getup (possible leak of a human villain?)
  • Tidal exists?
  • Are Funko Pops toys really that popular?

The Other News

I’m updating the site a bit more now that I’ve got a big project out of the way. Got a list of features to code up and add in which is going to take time.

As these projects take time and energy, I’m going to have to make it pay its way. Either I add some advertising on the sites, or I run a patreon to help support unpaid development.

Number of posts still in the works, A gathering guide for ascended food materials, siege placements, builds being updated in time for new features (Variants support) being added as well as a Theme rebuild.