Terrorize the Oceans with the Mad King Fishing Rod

Mad King Fishing Rod Skin

Pah! A king need not tarnish his glory by engaging in such frivolities… And yet…what is this…? I can feel the fishing power flowing through me…!?

2022 Extra Life Donation Bundle

Help us embrace a brighter future for all children with this lovely array of items. This bundle includes a Guardian Angel Cape skin, 5 Extra Life Karma Boosters, and 5 Temporary Selfless Potions.

The 2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle Is Back!

If you fancy a cute cat, the 2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle is for you. It contains a Mini Circle of Love Lady Wisteria, 5 Extra Life Karma Boosters, and 5 Temporary Selfless Potions.

All proceeds from donation bundle sales are donated to Extra Life. Read more about our Extra Life activities this year here. Purchasing either of these bundles will unlock a special in-game title, The Extra Life, with a unique blue text color.


For the next two weeks, we’re offering a 20% discount on the following items!

Storage Expanders

Need somewhere to store all that candy corn? Pick up a Storage Expander to increase the size of your material storage by 250 slots. Available now for just 640 gems.

Recharging Teleport to Friend

Instantly teleport to anyone in your party or squad with this infinite-use device. Just mind the 1-hour cooldown. Available now for just 640 gems.

Returning This Week

Starting this Friday, look for the following items to be added to the Gem Store at a 20% discount:

  • Bone Dragon Staff Skin
  • Caithe’s Bloom Dagger
  • Caithe’s Crystal Bloom Sword
  • Emissary’s Staff
  • Hammer of the Three Realms Skin
  • Lightbinder Blade Sword Skin
  • Mist Stranger Axe Skin
  • Mist Stranger Shield Skin
  • Queensdale Academy Wand Set
  • Spellfire Torch Skin
  • Stoneshard Scepter Skin
  • Storm Bow
  • Tiger Insignia Axe Skin
  • Trained Choya Hammer Skin
  • Venom Warblade