Surround Yourself with the Immortal Nimbus Package

    Free Dragon Emblem Cape

    Happy anniversary! Log in and visit the Gem Store to get a free Dragon Emblem Cape for your wardrobe.

    Immortal Nimbus Package

    Look immaculate or intimidating with this package of two striking helm skins. The Immortal Light Nimbus Skin glows with ethereal light and the Immortal Fire Nimbus Skin shimmers with infernal heat.

    Baleful Dragon Pistol Skin

    Take aim and fire with the Baleful Dragon Pistol Skin! This majestic pistol features a glowing dragon’s head that emits an otherworldly aura.

    9th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition—Week 2

    Get four shipments of fantastic goods! You’ll receive the first and second drops right away if you purchase yours this week. The discount decreases every week, so pick yours up before it’s full price.

    Unlock “Daybreak” for Free

    Return to Living World continues with Season 4! Log in and pick up an unlock token for this week’s spotlight episode, “Daybreak.” You’ll need to upgrade your account with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play the content, but you can still unlock it to play later if you don’t own the expansion.

    August Sales Continue

    Check back throughout the week for more hot summer sales! We’re also refreshing our seasonal stock of mount skins, so stop by and pick up a new friend.

    August 24
    25% Off—Dragon’s Watch Regalia Outfit, Dragon’s Watch Cape, Mini Squire Aurene, Champion of Tyria Outfit, Sheet Music Glider, Ceremonial Plated Outfit, Dragon Emblem Balloon, and Emblazoned Dragon Throne

    75% Off—Confetti Mail Delivery

    August 25
    20% Off—Material Storage Expander

    August 26
    20% Off—Bank Tab Expansion

    August 27
    20% Off—Gear Template Expansion and Bag Slot Expansion

    August 28
    20% Off—Black Lion Chest Key

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