Role : huge condi cleanse potential, short range healing, auras, boon generation
Difficulty : medium

Gear variants

Warhorn instead of focus for extra CC and utility at the cost of condition cleanses.
Dagger off-hand instead of focus for a slightly different toolset and a more nuanced rotation and similar results.
Staff for long-range CC, spammable heal skill and some protection generation at the cost of might and blindness generation.
Generally it’s not the choice of weapon that determines the result but the player themselves, so be sure to read the guide and understand how the build works and what the skills do.


The stacking bonuses from will persist on your character if you first accumulate those, then swap to a weaponset with when out of combat. Don’t forget to also slot another into the underwater weapon set or the stacks will disappear upon entering water.





1st Ring: minstrel
1st Accessory: minstrel
Amulet: minstrel
2nd Ring: minstrel
2nd Accessory: minstrel
Back: minstrel

Main Specializations


Skill Variants

build code