Support Chrono

A supportive build specializing in providing squad with CC, utility and some boon strip capability. Depending on its size a squad may benefit from having 1-2 chronomancers, as they do not bring much damage or healing of their own.

  • can be used to save downed teammates.
  • The build has major CC capabilities through , , . A good chronomancer should CC enemies in areas where bombs are about to drop, which often greatly amplifies their impact.
  • Chronomancers can remove enemy boons with F1-F4 shatters (thanks to , ), and all the CC skills (thanks to ).
  • is a strong skill when used right, which allows the entire squad to mask their movement by passing through it. Some commanders/squads tend to utilize that and may ask their chronomancers to equip it.
  • + (Sword 3), is a useful and low-cooldown combo notable for instantly generating a clone and the fact it applies immobilize, a highly-sought condition in the current meta.
  • Chronomancers can use any utility slo;; twice by activating first. Which skill to double-cast depends on the situation: a commander may want to have two ‘s, or maybe support is lacking and some key players went down, so a is the better choice, or maybe the squad need more pressure during a bomb, so the extra strips from would be better.
  • Likewise, any skill cast while in a (with the exception of ) will have its cooldown reset once the effect runs out, most important of them being .
  • Priority of skills in : .
  • It’s crucial for the chronomancer to be on voice and, preferably, vocal, to keep the commander appraised of cooldowns on . and .
  • Chronomancers tend to follow closely behind the commander and not hang back during big pushes. CC skills have limited range, and the radius of shatters is quite short as well. If caught off-tag or walking through a bomb, can be used.
  • Since the build does not do much damage or healing, the exact stats on armor/weapons do not matter that much. Minstrel is the suggested stat because it’s a safer choice that will keep the chronomancer (especially an inexperienced one) safe while also providing some boon duration for a higher uptime of quickness and selfalacrity, allowing utility/cc skills to recharge faster. Experienced chronomancers may opt for more offensive stats such as Marauder.
  • If the subgroup is severely lacking stab (e.g. it’s an overflow subgroup without a firebrand), chronomancers can replace one of the utility skills (usually ) with .
  • is another situational utility skill a commander may ask to employ. It can be useful when portaling reinforcements into a keep the squad is currently attacking, to ambush enemies by teleporting behind or on top of them (usually need to equip some stealth and mobility skills for that however or the surprise will be lost) to move golems quickly.