• Supportive build with Veil and Illusion of Life.  Players resurrected by this have a amount of time to get a kill to avoid the time limit to stay resurrected.
  • Use portals for moving golems or sneak movements to better positions. 
  • Veil will be called by Commander, try to put it where the tag will be within a second, Timing is crucial.
  • Tricky to master Continuum Split with most skills. Gravity Well’s long cast time means you have a brief window to pop your split before Gravity Well finishes casting.

Situational skills

Staff variant

Staff build can use instead of





1st Ring: minstrel
1st Accessory: minstrel
Amulet: minstrel
2nd Ring: minstrel
2nd Accessory: minstrel
Back: minstrel

Main Specializations


Build Code

empty – not generated