Study the Stars in Style with the Astral Scholar Appearance Package

    Astral Scholar Appearance Package

    Pursue your stargazing like the refined intellectual you are. Inspired by the never-ending mysteries of the astral plane, this outfit package includes an Astral Scholar Outfit, Astral Scholar Cape, 5 Solar and Lunar Dye Kits, a Mythic Weapon Choice, and a Total Makeover Kit. The outfit and cape are also sold individually.

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    16 March

    • 30% Off Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey, Armistice Bastion Pass, Noble’s Folly Pass, Lava Lounge Pass Bundle, Captain’s Airship Pass, and Royal Terrace Pass

    17 March

    • 30% Off Shimmerwing Skyscale Skin, Magnificent Hummingbird Skimmer Skin, and Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin

    18 March

    • 40% Off Flamekissed Light Armor, Flamewalker Medium Armor, Flamewrath Heavy Armor, Braham’s Heavy Armor, Magitech Medium Armor, and Phoenix Light Armor

    March 19 Home Instance Contract Pack
    This value pack of contracts will have you swimming in goods delivered by the Black Lion Trading Company’s top people! You’ll receive a Black Lion Industry Contract, Black Lion Hunters Contract, Season 3 Expedition Contract, and Season 4 Expedition Contract. The pack also includes a Home Portal Stone for handy access to your contracts board.

    20 March

    • 30% Off Bag Slot Expansion

    21 March

    • 50% Off Winged Headpiece, Enchanted Dragon Crown Package, Bat Wings Headpiece Skin, Devil Horns, Furrocious Cat Ears, and Bunny Ears

    22 March

    • 30% Off Mount Adoption License, Desert Racer Mount Select License, Desert Racer Mount Adoption License, Distant Lands Mount Select License, and Distant Lands Mount Adoption License

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