Strike First with the Venombite Appearance Package

    Venombite Appearance Package

    Give your wardrobe a sting with this potent collection of cosmetic items. The package includes a Venombite Outfit, Venombite Wings Backpack and Glider Combo, a Total Makeover Kit, and a Venombite Weapon Choice, which you can use to choose a skin from the new Venombite weapon collection.

    All of the items are also available for individual purchase. Black Lion Weapons Specialists are now offering Venombite weapon skins for one Black Lion Claim Ticket apiece.

    2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle

    Everyone’s coming together to support Children’s Miracle Network hospitals during our Extra Life Game Day on 5 November! Lady Wisteria Whiskington has taken a fancy to the cause and is surrounded by a benevolent healing aura in the Extra Life spirit. This bundle contains a Mini Circle of Love Lady Wisteria, five Extra Life Karma Boosters, and five Temporary Selfless Potions.

    2019 and 2020 Extra Life Donation Bundles
    If you missed the previous donation bundles, they’re back in the Gem Store for a limited time. We’ll be retiring these bundles after this year, so drop by and pick them up before November 9!

    Extra Life donation items will be available until November 9 and purchasing any of them will grant you a special version of the in-game title “The Extra Life” in exceptionally fancy blue text. We’ll donate all proceeds to Extra Life.

    Unlock “Whisper in the Dark” for Free

    Return to Living World continues with The Icebrood Saga. Log in and pick up an unlock token for this week’s spotlight episode, “Whisper in the Dark.” You’ll need to upgrade your account with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play the content, but you can still unlock it to play later if you don’t own the expansion.

    What’s in Stock

    Stop by the Gem Store later this week and check out our updated seasonal stock of unique weapon skins.

    Returning Today
    50% Off—Mad King Mega Bundle
    25% Off—Mad King’s Outfit, Mad King Dye Kit, Mad King Mounts Pack, and Permanent Mad King Finisher

    Returning This Week
    25% Off—Lunatic Guard Outfit, Riding Broom Glider Combo, and Mad Realm Mounts Pack

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