Storm-Tossed Beauty with the Tempest Cape Skin

    Tempest Cape

    Add the complex and powerful energy of a summer storm to any outfit.

    9th Anniversary Supply Drop Requisition—Week 3

    Get four shipments of fantastic goods! This is the last week to get it at a discounted price, so pick yours up and get the first, second, and third shipments today.

    Unlock “A Bug in the System” for Free

    Return to Living World™ continues with Season 4! Log in and pick up an unlock token for this week’s spotlight episode, “A Bug in the System.” You’ll need to upgrade your account with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play the content, but you can still unlock it to play later if you don’t own the expansion.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our inventory of finishers later this week, so swing by the Gem Store to stomp your foes in style.

    Returning Today
    30% Off—Zephyrite Aspect Helm Pack, Zephyrite Paraglider Glider, Aspect Master’s Greatsword, Storm Bow, Storm Gloves

    Returning This Week
    25% Off—Synergetics Gyrocycle Roller Beetle Skin, Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit, Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit, Dynamics Exo-Suit Glider Backpack Combo, Inquest Overseer Chair and Glider Combo, Exo-Suit Mounts Pack

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