Ice Reaver Greaves

    With shards of glittering ice and an ominous, frosty air, these intimidating boots are perfect for stomping out dragon minions.

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    What’s in Stock

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    Make a new friend this week! The War-Torn Marauder Warclaw Skin, Mordrem Alpha Jackal Skin, Sacred Pegasus Griffon Skin, Wild Trihorn Raptor Skin, and Infernal Horror Springer Skin are on sale at 40% off.

    We’re refreshing our selection of weapon skins inspired by legendary heroes and villains. Why not baffle future historians by heroically wielding a villainous weapon? No one can pin you down.

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    • Jora’s Outfit
    • Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey

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    • Black Lion Garden Plot Deed
    • Black Lion Expedition Board
    • Black Lion Hunters Board
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