Step into the Ice Reaver Greaves

    Ice Reaver Greaves

    With shards of glittering ice and an ominous, frosty air, these intimidating boots are perfect for stomping out dragon minions.

    Free Dye Kits

    For a limited time, you can stop by and grab one free Jormag Dye Kit and one free Primordus Dye Kit from the Gem Store!

    What’s in Stock

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    Make a new friend this week! The War-Torn Marauder Warclaw Skin, Mordrem Alpha Jackal Skin, Sacred Pegasus Griffon Skin, Wild Trihorn Raptor Skin, and Infernal Horror Springer Skin are on sale at 40% off.

    We’re refreshing our selection of weapon skins inspired by legendary heroes and villains. Why not baffle future historians by heroically wielding a villainous weapon? No one can pin you down.

    Returning Today

    • Jora’s Outfit
    • Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey

    Returning This Week

    • Black Lion Garden Plot Deed
    • Black Lion Expedition Board
    • Black Lion Hunters Board
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