If a sand shade is present, all the shade f-skills will activate around it and not around the necromancer. It is therefore advised to avoid using Manifest Sand Shade if you’re on the move.

Role: Boon removal, DPS and area denial
Difficulty: ??

Weapon variant
Staff is Preferable in fights that are decided long-range or if you need extra cleanse or are lifeforce starved. Keep one on hand in case the Commander asks for choke or portal suppression

Axe provides short range aoe corrupts around the caster and non-projectile single-target lifeforce-generating damaging skill
Dagger provides extra corrupts with blanket conditions and a personal condi cleanse Focus is a good source of single target corrupts and damage as well as lifeforce generation at shorter range

Gear variants
for dagger/focus variant

- over - if you have good Firebrands.
Consider taking - over - for more boon corruptions by triggering - in fights where your HP drops under 50%





1st Ring: cavalier
1st Accessory: berserker
Amulet: valkyrie
2nd Ring: cavalier
2nd Accessory: cavalier
Back: berserker

Main Specializations


Skill Variants

build code

2 Responses

  1. Hi guys,

    Can you help me with WvW infusions, please? What is the best way to use the infusions and which types of infusion are the best for scourge necro build?

    Thank you

  2. Hello,
    WvW infusions are placed into ascended gear items. The specific type of infusion is based on build. This build is a power build (pow, prec, fer) so you go with Mighty Infusions. Malign for most condition builds and Healing for support builds.

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