keep up with the tag, use your shades just ahead of where you are running to convert conditions on squad members to boons and the opposite on enemies.

Role: Boon removal, DPS and area denial
Difficulty: ??

Weapon variant
Staff is Preferable in fights that are decided long range or if you need extra cleanse or are lifeforce starved.
You can otherwise replace staff with axe + torch/dagger/focus (take - instead of - in such case)
Axe provides short range aoe corrupts around the caster and non-projectile single-target lifeforce-generating damaging skill
Dagger provides extra corrupts with blanket conditions and a personal condi cleanse Focus is a good source of single target corrupts and damage as well as lifeforce generation at shorter range

Gear variants
for dagger/focus variant

- over - if you have good Firebrands.
- instead of - for additional shade damage when not using staff, or - for cleansing soft CC





1st Ring: cavalier
1st Accessory: berserker
Amulet: valkyrie
2nd Ring: cavalier
2nd Accessory: cavalier
Back: berserker

Main Specializations


Skill Variants

Build Code

empty – not generated

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