Throw hammers at people you don’t like, use Hammer 3 to clear necro marks (Commanders will call for this to time pushes/tricks). Combine your Hammer 2 with 3 for fast blasts.

Speed up slower people with your Facet of Elements, speed up golems with Elite pop. Do not try to blast enemies off cliffs with it, it will fail.

Facet of darkness will reveal when popped, though very short range.

Choose your facets, never have more than 3 (in Glint) up as you will have no attack energy (the hammers on Dwarf will drain it fast in battle, popping Dwarf elite is more viable for team play, swirling hammers for short term cleave)





1st Ring: berserker
1st Accessory: berserker
Amulet: marauder
2nd Ring: berserker
2nd Accessory: berserker
Back: berserker

Main Specializations


build code

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