Squad build: Herald

Power Herald is a versatile class to play in WvW with an easy learning curve. As a power herald your main goal is to deliver damage and at the same time provide some boons for your squad/party. Additionally, the power herald’s build goal is to maximize damage, while avoiding downtime on skills. It means you should be cycling through your Weapon and Legend skills as often as possible to keep the enemy under constant pressure.

Build Variation

  • offers slightly more boons, but you’ll have lower movement speed if caught without swiftness.
  • stability removal with quickness uptime but less DPS.
  • for more party-wide boon generation at the cost of individual damage that the alternative, , provides.

– cheaper alternative, boosts critical strike chance and ferocity. Bear in mind that anything above 60% crit chance (without fury) is wasted. Depending on how big one’s wallet is you should always aim for however because this will boost your passive damage stats the most.

Rune Variation