Squad Build: heal Scrapper

The backbone of any group’s sustain, scrappers offer the highest possible healing throughput, top-notch cleanse capability, high quickness uptime for themselves and their allies and utility such as superspeed and stealth.

The main source of healing is the .

The main sources of cleanses are and .

comes from F1 ( ), F5 ( ) and the utility gyros.

Skill usage

In openfield fights Scrappers run a hammer. Usually you end up using it for really short periods of time however its skill have their uses. For example, when your squad is dropping major damage skills such as wells you should use (Hammer 5) since it is a CC-skill and may cause some enemies to get stuck in the bomb. If you are off your tag and you get pressured u can use (Hammer 4) since it is a 2 second block. In some scenarios you can also use (Hammer 2) together with your to perform a cleansing bolts combo, generating some more cleanses BUT you shouldn’t greed it (only use it when your party really needs these cleanses as opposed to healing, do not greed for arcdps).

Scrappers’ main utility is the . The Med Kit provides a lot of heal and also some cleanses. This is the kit you should be spending almost all your time in, only dropping it for a short period of time to use the aforementioned Hammer skills, or to use briefly but after you’ve used the skills on those ALWAYS go back to using the Med Kit).

  1. is what you should spam. It provides a really decent amount of healing.
  2. shoots five Bandages in front of you that will heal whomever they hit. It can be used to support your party when it’s being pressured or if you see a person that is low, in which case you can discharge the skill into them at point-blank range which should heal them for up to 14k.
  3. is a strong source of cleanse. The field pulses 4 times, cleansing 1 condition on up to 5 allies with each pulse. Try to position yourself safely to cleanse people, do not greed for it.
  4. is a great heal. Use when your party/squad is under pressure.
  5. provides some boons and a blast finisher. You can use it whenever it’s off cooldown.

The other kit Scrappers use is the , which has two important sources of cleanse on skills #3 and #5.

  • (ElixirGun#3) is especially potent, since it removes 5 conditions from 5 people. This skill has a range of 600 making it a cleanse that u can use from a distance as well. For example, if allies have been immobilized inside an enemy bubble, you can cleanse the immob off from a safe distance. Same applies if they’re just a bit off-tag.
  • (ElixirGun#5) is another cleanse you can use at a distance: it has a 900 range. It is, however, a projectile which means you will not be able to launch it into an enemy bubble.

Other Elixir Gun skills are not really used. Only other skill you can use is (ElixirGun#4) since its a blast finisher BUT you have to cancel the cast fast enough (either through a cancel hotkey or by stowing the Elixir Gun kit) so that you don’t launch yourself backwards. If you’re new to the class just focus on the other skills and dont use it.

Scrappers also have 5 F-Skills (or Toolbelt-skills).

  • provides superspeed and should be used on pushes or on disengages.
  • is another superspeed-skill. As it can be activated at a range, you can use it to grant superspeed to people that are off the tag, so that they have an easier time catching up.
  • is a source of party-wide stability. You should activate it right before the first spike. A bit further in the fights you can use it when the subgroup’s Firebrand has a downtime of stability, or it has just gotten corrupted, or you just don’t have stab.
  • is your only stunbreak. Use it when you NEED it.
  • is used to poison the downstate enemies. If enemy downs are poisoned they are less likely to get ressed by guardian signets. You should never overcommit to drop it. Also in large scale fights you wont get to use it often as your priorities will usually be elsewhere.

This covers the weapon skills, toolbelt skills and the kits. What’s yet to be discussed are the three utility gyros. Besides their unique effects, they also provide superspeed and quickness to the party upon expiring.

  • – one of the big cleanses of scrappers. You will use it if u get under preasure or if people are abit off
    and they need cleanse. Also it provides superspeed which helps supporting on tail and people
    that are off.
  • – mainly used for mitigation but you should be careful not to activate it when expecting a lot of incoming damage, otherwise you risk killing yourself by having too much damage from allies being transferred onto you.
  • – used when the commander calls for stealth (usual calls are “sneak” or “gyro”). In smaller scale fights (squad size of 15-20) you can use it also to save your teammates if they are being pressured.

General gameplay

We will use our general guides fight phases to better explain what can be done during certain phases.

  1. First Spike
    On the first spike you use to provide the group with stability. Make sure you don’t use it too early or too late: use it as soon as you get in the enemy’s spike range (circa 1200 units).
  2. Engages
    Always try to have superspeed on pushes/engages. Make sure that you provide the group with cleanse and heal during pushes and engages.
  3. Bomb
    If your commander goes for a well bomb you should try to CC with (Hammer 5). If your party or you are really pressured at the time you should, of course, priorize supporting the group over CC.
  4. Getting Bombed
    When you’re being pressured, you are the person most responsible for your group’s survival so keep healing and cleansing. You should also pay attention to your surroundings, staying on tag and helping teammates get out of the bomb and back to tag.
  5. General forward motion phase
    Heal, Cleanse and Superspeed 🙂

PS: It takes a while to get the muscle memory down, you gonna need to learn and play a lot to really master the class. There is no fixed rotation of skills to press and you have to understand which is the right moment to use this or that skill. No guide is realistically large enough to predict every possible scenario and provide the univocally correct way to react to it. Also while ArcDps is a helpful learning tool, don’t greed to be the #1 on cleanses there because greeding cleanses usually ends up hurting your squad in the long run, be a team player instead.

Build variations

It is possible to replace hammer with pistol+shield combo, in which case you should also replace with

Build and Quickguide provided by The Flöck [tF].
June 2022.