Role: Boons, heals, CC
Difficulty: Medium


A firebrand is the first member and the MAIN support in every party of a squad. Firebrands manage the following boons / effects / buffs for their parties: Stability, Protection, Heals/Regeneration, Aegis, Stunbreaks, Quickness, Might, Cleanses, Resistance, Resolution, Swiftness, Vigor.

A good Firebrand learns to manage the support mentioned above effectively while having a good game sense of commander and enemy movements, enemy bomb locations, and party member’s debuffs and positioning.

Stability is the first important boon that allows for a good squad movement in engagements. Though there are other sources of stability from different classes, Firebrand has the best access to it. So do pay extra attention to stability maintain stability on your party during movements inside engagements. It’s also worth going an extra mile and coordinating with other players providing stability within your party (usually a herald).

Trait variants

Battle Presence vs Indomitable Courage (right column of Virtues traitline). 
longer sustained fights sometimes usually mean dealing with enemy clouds / fighting near enemy spawn / engaging multiple enemy groups one after another. In these scenarios the small heals from this trait helps with overall sustain.
is a viable option and can be used in solid blob fights that have clear melee engagements  i.e. a second rotation of F3 tome after consuming both F3 and F2 tomes. It is also a better option in small-medium sized organized groups. When running this trait, you can start the F3 tome rotation with resistance pulse 4th skill [“Stalwart stand”], instead of the 5th skill [“Unbroken Lines”]. This trait also allows you to enter F3 tome when stunned without having to consume a charge of to first break stun.

Weighty Terms vs Stalwart Speed vs Legendary Lore (middle column of Firebrand traitline).
: Each skill in F3 applies protection for 1.5 sec which is very good, F2 applies regeneration for 2.25 sec and F1 adds 10% burning duration. The most important part is protection from F3 skills, which improves the group’s sustain while the tome’s skills are being used.
: This trait helps your mantra skills to recharge faster. Which means, more chances to apply aegis/regen, stun breaks and cleanses. Use this in fights when you are rotating your weapon skills more and based on party composition and fights are hard-pressed on using more mantra charges.
: ‘When you grant aegis or stability grant quickness’ This is a useful skill for an experienced Firebrand when the party composition is good and the bomb co-ordination and melee train are more defined. Every time you grant aegis or stability during bombs, your party gets to bomb faster. NOTE: There is an internal cooldown of 7 secs for quickness proc on aegis/stability. DO NOT use stalwart speed if you can’t maximise the use on the aegis or stab rotation right on time for dps players to make use of it.

Change and practice stalwart speed in a squad with a solid composition and if the fights are more defined melee trains or range spike followed by melee train.

Gear variants

  • Axe over mace: Offensive option, has a mid-range pull. Not discussed here as it is generally best to focus on supporting the party instead.
  • for more healing at the cost of personal sustain and some supportive boons.

Basic skill rotation

  1. Weapon skills outside hard engagement.
  2. F1 skills 5 and 3.
  3. .
  4. F3 skill 5,4,1 (finish tomes situational) Use F3 skill 1 to top off stab as needed.
  5. Weapon skills or change to F2 straight away if necessary.
  6. F2. Use skills 5 & 3 off cd. Skills used for refresh are mostly skills 5 and 4. Use others situationally.
  7. Weapon skills.
  8. (can also be used while still in F2)
  9. should be off cd for engagement after that
  10. Throughout the rotation fill in the gaps in stability uptime with as per circumstances or party needs.

Weapon skills should be used opportunistically between the tomes. Situation permitting, it is best to go through all of them before activating next tome. Notable weapon skills are:

  • (Staff 4) must be in a safe spot or have stability to avoid being interrupted or stuck.
  • (Staff 2) quick refresh and a blast.
  • (Staff 5) makes enemies lose a stack of stability or get stuck.
  • (Shield 4) extra sustain for the party.
  • (Shield 5) cc, heal on double-tap.
  • (Mace 3) when being hit, for more boons.





1st Ring: minstrel
1st Accessory: minstrel
Amulet: minstrel
2nd Ring: minstrel
2nd Accessory: minstrel
Back: minstrel

Main Specializations


Skill Variants

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