Role: Boons, heals, CC
Difficulty: Medium

Weapon variant
Axe over mace: For a change. Make the pull count

Trait variants
Stalwart Speed: To grant AoE quickness to 10 people with “stand your ground!” for cost of lot of protection and regen
Unscathed Contender or Master of Concentrations: When opting for Stalwart Speed
Indomitable Courage For extra large radius AoE stability and stunbreak. Mainly for commanders and groups that have no secondary stab in form of scrappers or revs.

Skill variants
Bow of Truth: More heals. Only if you’re bad at using Merciful Intervention
Purging Flames: Extra cleanse. Only if you’re bad at using Merciful Intervention
Renewed Focus (Elite):Use as soon as both F3 and F2 are 15s+ cooldown, not for the invuln. Only when opting for Indomitable Courage

Gear variants
Transference Extra heals
Cleansing: Personal survivability

  • Some tips
  • – Mace 3 is your strongest panic skill, it blocks 2 attacks, heals and applies protection
  • – Shield 5 can be double-tapped for fast AoE heals – Equipping and stowing tomes can proc your Energy sigil which can save your life
  • – Line of warding should be placed behind some enemies to cut them from their backline
  • – Entering and exiting tomes gives quickness which can be useful for charging mantras or empowering quickly
  • – Dodging will AoE heal, try dodging mid-fight whenever at full endurance
  • – Try to heal people behind while moving with staff 2 and shield 4 if melee doesn’t need heals – Wait a small moment before using second aegis skill, so the first one has time to proc
  • – If you die, your whole party dies





1st Ring: minstrel
1st Accessory: minstrel
Amulet: minstrel
2nd Ring: minstrel
2nd Accessory: minstrel
Back: minstrel

Main Specializations


Skill Variants

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