Site update – March onward

Builds are a little slow at updating while I rewrite the choosy system to be more friendly on outputs. Now each item will have a wiki link of where/how to get the items which should help players more.

The layout of builds will change and each class will get their own template to display (hopefully automatically!)

To do this, I had to rewrite the way stats/items are chosen on the back end. As before it was stat based, For example we displayed a Berserker helm it would be ‘Berserker’s Assaulter helm’ (assaulter helm as the ID and and the stat ID defining it, the call would be <ITEM-ID=”xxxxx” ITEM-xxxxx-STAT=”yyy”>), where as after this update it’ll appear as ‘Zojja’s helm’ (proper item id, <ITEM-ID=”xxxxx” inline-text=”wiki”) with wiki link and possibly infusions and runes displaying on it. This is to help people get the right gear. I’d also writing up a Raid/Fractal armor chart so people with those can choose the correct stat’ed boxes.