The community discord of Desolation is an open social platform with thousands of members and hundreds of active users. It is frequented by people with all sorts of attitudes and personalities, united by our shared interest in playing World versus World. To maintain transparency on our side, we’ve come up with the following community guidelines ensuring that the server remains a friendly and welcoming place that people will enjoy visiting:

  • Deso Community discord is not an advertising platform, please refrain from posting commercial ads.
  • Our views may not always align and arguing is something everybody does now and then. There will also always be playful banter between friends. That said, let’s refrain from deliberate slander, inflammatory or defamatory comments. Let’s treat others the way we would want to be treated.
  • Excessively vulgar, openly unironically racist or sexist slurs, as well as obscene, explicit, shock content, don’t belong to conversations in public channels.
  • Comments pertaining to violence, verbally assaulting people go against the spirit for the community.
  • Let’s not spread malicious fake information concerning the community or its members. Same goes for doxxing community members or sharing their private (rl) information without their consent.
  • The moderation team puts effort into making the server as secure a place as something that large can be – without cracking down on fun or harmless exchange between the likeminded discord communities. Sharing stories and strategic information like who goes where for reset is totally fine. Abusing one’s access to our discord to spy on voice channels and disclose tactical information to members of a server Desolation is matched against will result in a ban (temporary or indefinite) if discovered.
  • Bombarding a conversation with spam, thus dominating or disrupting an ongoing conversation is unadvised and may be taken action against.
  • Deso community is streamer-friendly! If you would like our bot to notify our members whenever you go live by posting a link in the #videos_screenshots channel, be sure to let our staff know. We suggest that you do not stream the discord audio if you’re in one of the voice channels, otherwise please ask everyone’s explicit permission first – not everyone may be comfortable with their voice being broadcast. Make use of Discord’s Streaming Friendly functions to notify people you are streaming.
  • Are you a leader of an active WvW guild based on Desolation or our current link, looking to further expand its roster through advertisement? Apply for the guild leader role to post your recruitment message in the corresponding channel. Each such application will be assessed individually.
  • Looking to join a WvW-oriented guild? Check out the #recruitment section before asking in team chat. Maybe your dream guild is already there.
  • As the community uses Discord as a platform, it is expected that all the messages posted adhere to discord’s own guidelines which can be seen here: