Return to Living World Season 2 Story Begins 25 May

Scarlet Briar still casts a long shadow over Tyria. Lion’s Arch lies in ruins, and the survivors struggle to reclaim what’s left of their lives so they can start anew. But while Scarlet’s enormous airship drill, The Breachmaker, was destroyed, it may have already served its purpose. Track down what Scarlet left behind and discover whether her death was truly her defeat.

Complete the Cycle: Return to Living World Season 2

Guild Wars 2‘s Living World spans years of storytelling, revealing the secrets of Tyria’s past and how they’ll shape its future. This summer is a perfect time to catch up on anything you’ve missed! In the role of the Commander, you’ll be a crucial figure in the story of the dragon cycle, leading your allies with wisdom, grace, good humor, and a willingness to dive headfirst into situations with an estimated 18% survivability rate. (We believe in you.)

Beginning 25 May we’ll spotlight two episodes of Living World Season 2 each week, in chronological order. Log in during the week to unlock the episodes for free!

As the episodes enter the spotlight, we’ll update them with new permanent achievements you can tackle at any time. Complete all the new achievements to progress toward legendary rewards! Check out our Guild Wars 2 Live: Summer 2021 overview to learn more.