Reach Wondrous Horizons with the Eternal Crossings Mount Skin Collection

    Eternal Crossings Mount Skin Collection

    Eternal Crossings Mount Skin Collection

    Cross never-ending lands with beautiful rides from unknown outer space, mysterious forests, enchanted fairytale worlds, and many other places! You will sparkle in the most unique way. These skins are available exclusively through Eternal Crossing Mount Select Licenses and Eternal Crossing Mount Adoption Licenses.

    • Raptor: Feinting Smoke Canthan, Blazing Canthan
    • Springer: Fisher Lord Cuckoo, Star Blessed Cuckoo
    • Jackal: Howling Wolf Jackal, Heavenly Thunder Vulpine
    • Griffon: Swirling Mists Tigris, Jungle Heart Tigris, Forest Guardian Tigris
    • Skyscale: Aeolian Spikes Noble, Glacial Noble, Enchanted Lancer Noble
    • Warclaw: Shoal Slayer Nian, Luminous Warlord Nian
    • Turtle: Aurora Blessed Turtle

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