Library of old prank homepages for inspiration.

  • Desolation Herald – April fools 2023

    BREAKING NEWS Desolation: Biggest set of ‘Biggest set of’. That’s the message that mysteriously appeared. Scientists who we made up think it could be a sign of Intelligent life outside of Desolation, but proper scientists asked us not to bother them. What could this mean? What does Desolation have the biggest set of? Baruch Bay…

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  • Desolation Travel Agency – April fools 2022

    Desolation Travel Agency – April fools 2022

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  • Desolation Dance Studio – Aprils fools 2021

    Desolation Dance Studio – Aprils fools 2021

    Welcome To Desolation Dance Studio Home Garrison, Lords room The Studio When it’s not being ransacked by enemy zergs, our Garrison holds our dance classes. They were fully kitted out with all accessible facilities including Arrow carts for dodging, mortars that barely hit anything except the walls right next to them and cannons which projectiles…

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  • Desolation Cafe – April Fools

    Desolation Cafe – April Fools

    Handcrafted ascended delights that instantly brighten up your WvW raid. Whether it’s peppercorn, Mint or Magic Find, we use the finest ingredients to produce these mouth-watering feasts. Our Sweets Tasty Breakfast Something with Magic Find? 66% chance to life steal? Something exotic with Omnomberries? Fresh Coffee Refuel for the battlefield with our newly built WarClaw-Thru!…

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