Power Up Your Playstyle at GW2Mists.com

Ward off the winter chill with vigorous battles and connect with the World vs. World player community. GW2Mists.com is an official member of the ArenaNet Partner Program, offering builds, gameplay guides, guild recruitment information, leaderboards, and more to help you get the most out of WvW. Check out the site to polish your playstyle—and maybe even try a new build for the new year!

Win Fantastic Prizes

From 1 December to 24 December sign up on GW2Mists.com and link your Guild Wars 2 account using your API key to participate in their holiday giveaway. A new reward will be revealed each day, and the winner will be selected on the following day. The prize pool is currently valued at over 11,000 gold, with hidden rewards including gems, outfits, legendary precursors, and two legendary weapons.

To be eligible to participate, your linked account must be upgraded with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™.