Power Core Guardian build


Desirability in squad

A dps build specializing in quick, low-cooldown, pinpoint damage spikes at both 900 and 1200 range.
Relies on boons from the group’s Herald and Firebrand as well as coordination with CC from other classes to maximize its potential.

Dealing damage

  • 1200 range spike: .
  • Coordinate the 1200 range spike with Rev spikes for extra effect.
  • 900 range or shorter spike: same as above and also + .
  • Coordinate the 900 range spike with Wells/Shades from Necromancers and Pulls from Chronomancers. The cooldown on this build’s damage spikes is much lower than on Wells and Pulls, so do not hold out waiting for the perfect conditions and instead provide constant pressure while also keeping some skills/charges ready for the pull/well bomb call.
  • Boon reliance: Retaliation provides a damage boost and a critical hit chance increase, Aegis provides another damage boost. Besides that, the usual Might&Fury from external sources.
  • Activate a virtue during a spike for more damage. is the most expendable and readily-available of the three and also provides Retaliation and recharges when killing an enemy.
  • If using a Torch, is a strong short-range cleave good for melee engagements.
  • Spam auto-attacks when all the stronger skills are on cooldown. Scepter AA is the stronger one. Both weapons’ autoattacks are projectiles, so be mindful of them getting reflected.
  • Try to have the Scepter weaponset selected when spiking for the extra power bonus from .

Extra notes

  • Position yourself in the middle of the squad and always push with the tag. The build has no blinks, leaps or other mobility skills and straying from tag makes you vulnerable and forces to spend cooldowns to get back to tag or respawn, if singled out.
  • is the heal/defensive skill which can be used when wading through AoE. Do not expect it to provide complete security as some skills are unblockable.
  • is the build’s ultimate emergency defensive skill, providing total invulnerability for 3 seconds. Consume unused virtues while the skill is being channeled as they will be reset once it completes anyway. Do not dodge or otherwise interrupt it. Also note that the skill is not a stunbreak and cannot be used while stunned.
  • The build provides the party with Stability from and (both instant-cast), which also double as stunbreaks for the user.
  • during downtime and before engagements to help with the might stacking.
  • Do not activate , it is used for the passive power bonus only.
  • is an alternative utility skill for long-range standoffs during pirateship-styled fights.
  • Blast finishers for stacking stealth: and, if using Focus instead of Torch, (or just temporarily equip Focus when out of combat, blast, swap back).
  • CC: not much in this build. for a long-range hard CC and for a medium-range single-target immobilize for catching badly positioned enemies.
  • Add more Marauder gear pieces if struggling with staying alive. Guardian base health is the lowest among heavy armor classes.