Pick a New Friend from the Canthan Menagerie Mount Skin Collection

    Canthan Menagerie Mount Collection

    In this menagerie of beautiful Canthan mount skins, you can adopt a raptor as brilliant as the stars, a vulpine jackal as mysterious as the forest, or perhaps even a skyscale from the sparkling seas—you decide! These skins are available exclusively through Canthan Menagerie Mount Select Licenses and Canthan Menagerie Mount Adoption Licenses.

    • Raptor: Glacial Canthan, Star Blessed Canthan, Grand Barbel Canthan, Elegant Pool Canthan
    • Springer: Blazing Cuckoo, Whistling Tranquility Cuckoo
    • Jackal: Mystic Elder Vulpine, Mischievous Woods Vulpine
    • Griffon: Heavenly Thunder Tigris, Cloud Stalking Tigris
    • Warclaw: Dark Hunter Nian, Tiger Soul Nian
    • Skyscale: Aurora Blessed Noble, Oceanic Noble, Wandering Breeze Noble

    New Kaineng Cape and Glider Combo

    From the busy streets to the skies above, technology will have your back with the New Kaineng Cape and Glider Combo. Get the latest cyber fashion and show off your circuits wherever you go.

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    20% Off—Shared Inventory Slot, Eternal Mandala Backpack and Glider Combo, and Plush Griffon Skin

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    20% Off—Storm Gloves, Ice Crown, Toxic Cape, Pyre Horns Helm Skin, Pyre Gloves, and Pyre Circlet Helm Skin

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