Magic and Mystery with the Ravensoul Greatsword and Raven Gloves Skin

    Ravensoul Greatsword and Raven Gloves Skin

    This majestic greatsword may resemble a feather, but it’s as sharp as Raven’s wit. Make it the centerpiece of your most mysterious ensemble, along with the new Raven Gloves Skin! They’re a perfect match for the Raven Helm, Raven Mantle, and Ravensoul Dagger Skin, which are 20% off for a limited time.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of Mount Select Kits and Mount Adoption Kits later this week.

    Returning This Week
    20% Off—Synergetics Gyrocycle Roller Beetle Skin, Synergetics Hoverbike Skimmer Skin, Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin, and Magnificent Hummingbird Skimmer Skin

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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