Living World Season 1 Return: “Battle for Lion’s Arch” Arrives Next Week

Next Tuesday, November 8, the final episode of Living World Season 1 returns permanently to Guild Wars 2. This is the final chapter of Season 1, completing the saga of the battle against Scarlet Briar. This content is a permanent addition to Guild Wars 2 and is free for all players.

Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court

This update brings with it a new Strike Mission: Old Lion’s Court. Assemble a squad and take on the Watchknight Triumvirate in the ruins of the Grand Piazza in Old Lion’s Arch. You may enter this content from the Scrying Stone in Lion’s Arch or the Strike Mission Portal in Arborstone.

Public Instance: The Battle for Lion’s Arch

We are also adding the Battle for Lion’s Arch itself as a repeatable instanced group encounter. Enter a publicly joinable instance with up to 50 players or create a private squad to take down Scarlet’s minions and repel her invasion of Lion’s Arch.

Story progress is not required to enter this instance—speak to Lionguard Peltgnaw just outside the gates of Lion’s Arch in Gendarran Fields to enter. The Battle for Lion’s Arch and the Tower of Nightmares will also be added to the regular rotation of promoted events in the Eye of the North, joining Dragonstorm and the Twisted Marionette.

More information about this content, including full release notes, will be available on November 8. Keep an eye on the news feed in the Guild Wars 2 launcher and on our official forums.