Have a Mystic Spring with Dazzling Deals

    Lost Era Mount Skin Collection

    Whether you’re flying into the night on a Stargaze skyscale or hopping ominously on your Sinister Feline, the Lost Era Mount Skin Collection is full of friendship. These new looks for each of your mounts are available exclusively through Lost Era Mount Select Licenses and Lost Era Mount Adoption Licenses.

    • Raptor: Darkmist Prowler, Veiled Chameleon
    • Springer: Sinister Feline
    • Skimmer: Exalted Sea Sentry, Open Ocean Glaucus
    • Jackal: Tidal Lightpaw, Desert Shiba
    • Griffon: Phosphor Coast Osprey, Crested Southernland
    • Roller Beetle: Flame Brushed Roller Beetle
    • Skyscale: Aurene’s Prismatic Skyscale, Stargaze, Gilded Shortfang
    • Warclaw: Luminous Raider, Tundra Grimalkin

    Mystic Spring Chest

    Inside each Black Lion Chest, you’re guaranteed to find Gnashblade’s Exotic Weapon Grab Bag, a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, and two common items. You might also find something rarer in the fifth slot, like exclusive items, home instance nodes, and skins from the Desert King Weapon Collection and Mordrem Weapon Collection.

    Exclusive Item: Mystic Smoking Pipe Warhorn Skin
    This replica of a classic smoking pipe is accurate in almost every way. Just blow the smoke out instead of breathing it in.

    Etherbound Weapon Collection
    This magically infused arsenal is the perfect complement to the Etherbound Greaves, Etherbound Gauntlets, and Etherbound Pauldrons, which are back in stock this week! Visit your local Black Lion Weapons Specialist to purchase the weapon skins for one Black Lion Claim Ticket each.

    March Sales Continue

    Don’t miss this week’s non-stop lineup of discounts, rare goods, and valuable offers! Follow the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts for daily sale updates.

    23 March
    30% Off—Exotic Breeds Mount Select License, Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License, Istani Isles Mount Select License, Istani Isles Mount Adoption License, New Horizons Mount Select License, and New Horizons Mount Adoption License

    24 March
    30% Off—Mistborn Mount Select License, Mistborn Mount Adoption License, Curious Creatures Mount Select License, Curious Creatures Mount Adoption License, Bizarre Beasts Mount Select License, and Bizarre Beasts Mount Adoption License

    25 March—Return of the Knife Tail Gang
    Knife Tail Gang skritt have broken into the Black Lion Trading Company’s vaults again, and Evon Gnashblade needs you to avenge him! With the bond active, any kill worth experience points has a chance to reveal one of the Knife Tail Gang. Each bond will allow you to loot a piece of Recovered Black Lion Goods, which is yours to keep. The recovered goods will always unlock a Gem Store item in your wardrobe, like weapon skins, exclusive dye colors, or even mount skins.

    26 March—Ultimate Dye Pack
    This valuable rainbow of dye kits and exclusive dyes will have you swimming in colour.

    • Exclusive Color Swatch: 2012-2016—Pick your favorite account-bound, exclusive dye from any of these classic dye kits.
    • Exclusive Color Swatch: 2017-2021—Choose an account-bound, exclusive dye from any of these trendy recent dye kit releases.
    • Dye Kit Sampler—Open this pack to receive one of each of 30 different dye kits. That’s a lot of shinies—eat your heart out, Knife Tail Gang!

    27 March
    25% Off—Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket

    28 March
    25% Off—Character Slots

    What’s in Stock

    Adorable baby animal minis are arriving later this week. Celebrate spring by giving them a loving home!

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