Hands on Build Templates

Warning; I’ve tried to leave this a few days for the immediate bugs to be ironed out, but the overall feel.. Not too optimistic. Sorry about that, Reddit seems to be worse though.

After a couple of blog posts on Build Templates from ArenaNet, I was Optimistic that the Guild Wars 1 system finally arrived in some form.
Obviously there’s a specialization/trait system rather than skill points/runes, there will be a major difference. Compared to GW1’s old system of saving the skill to a text file locally, I think I prefer Gw1’s layout.


Upon first look, and I’m thinking ‘What do I do with this?’. Virtually nothing is labelled and seems cramped together in the Specialization tab (now renamed to Build).
This will trip up new players completely.
Initially, your PVE/PVP/WVW builds are in each tab, and likely to be wrong upon further inspection.

Reports of missing infusions and items already, just removing themselves and vanishing, Some builds crashing out entire instances when changed.

Good news, however!

These build templates have keybinds, so when they are working better you can swap between them in a flash (out of combat of course).

While this does seem like a very rushed and not tested exercise, it does show that ArenaNet is willing to bring in projects internally.
Rather than allow a 3rd party tool what does this better while they worked on their own version, I feel they should have taken more input on board, especially from DeltaConnected (ArcDPS developer) and other UI developers in the community.
Maybe we’ll see more features, but done a bit better to warrant the monetization of them.