Guild Wars 2 Weekly Events Schedule: July 12 – July 18

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Return to the Living World Story: “A Crack in the Ice”

Catch up on the story of the dragon cycle and prepare for Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Log in to Guild Wars 2 between July 13 and July 20 to unlock this week’s spotlight episode for free! Check your in-game mailbox for a letter containing a story unlock token. You’ll find the unlocked episode under “Living World™ Season 3” in your story journal tab, which is located in the Hero panel. If you’ve already unlocked the episodes previously, you don’t need the tokens—you’re good to go!

New achievements for the episode are available in the “Bonus Events” category of your achievements tab. You can complete these at any time to progress the Seasons of the Dragons meta-achievement and work toward earning legendary rewards.

In addition to the new meta-achievement, there are plenty of existing achievements to earn, rewards to collect, and secrets to find in the episode itself. Here are some handy links to our official wiki to get you started.

Aurene is a baby dragon, and she needs you to provide guidance, enrichment, and probably some smoked fish. But Taimi has some urgent news about the potential of Elder Dragon magic, so travel north to investigate Bitterfrost Frontier—very near Jormag’s territory—while your new friend takes a well-deserved nap.

Requirements: You can unlock the episode without upgrading your account, but to play it you’ll need to own Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™
Locations: Auric Basin, Hoelbrak, Bitterfrost Frontier
Valuable Treasures: Fresh Winterberry
Meta Achievement: “A Crack in the Ice” Mastery
Daily Achievements: Daily Bitterfrost Frontier