Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Winter Livestream Broadcast Schedule

More Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ previews are coming your way soon! As we look forward to the winter holidays and the expansion release day early in 2022, here’s a schedule of our planned Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons livestream broadcasts between now and launch.

October and November

  • 22 October—Elite Specialization Beta 3 Preview
  • 12 November—Echovald Wilds Map Tour
  • 19 November—Jade Sea Map Tour
  • 24 November—Siege Turtle Preview

December through February 2022

3 December—Expansion Gameplay Overview

  • New Story Characters
  • New Guild Hall
  • Arborstone Revitalization Mastery Track
  • 28 January—New Kaineng City Map Tour
    Late February 2022—Launch Day Celebration

Since this is an advance look at the schedule, please note that the topics and dates of each livestream broadcast are subject to change.

Look for news posts on our official website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts with more information about each livestream ahead of the broadcast dates, and follow our Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook accounts for notifications when they begin!