Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Launch Month Livestream Schedule

It’s almost time to set sail for Cantha in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™, and February is packed with news and previews on the road to launch.

Last October we published a livestream schedule with our planned dates for upcoming broadcasts. The New Kaineng City map tour livestream date has been rescheduled to 4 February followed by all the information on the final
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Mastery line and an expansion soundtrack overview.

On 1 February we’ll reveal the release date for
Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. Follow us on Guild Wars 2 Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates.

Launch Month Livestream Schedule

  • 4 February—New Kaineng City Map Tour
  • 11 February—Jade Tech Mastery Preview
  • 18 February—Music of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Preview
  • Late February—Launch Day Celebration