Gem Store Update: Battlelord’s Cape and Hood & Toy Duck Fishing Rod Skin

Battlelord’s Cape Hood Combo

Everyone knows about the dashing rogue sitting mysteriously in the corner of the tavern: hood pulled up to obscure their (probably handsome) face, traveling cloak coated with dust from a long and unknown journey. Now it’s time to be that dashing rogue.

These items will change the appearance of your helm and back item. They will also permanently unlock these skins in your wardrobe. The package also includes a Lambent Battlelord’s Hood Helm Skin variant with glowing eyes. These items are only available as a package and cannot be purchased individually.

Toy Duck Fishing Rod Skin

Tired of losing your bobbers all the time? Sounds like you need an upgrade. A squeaky, bright-yellow upgrade. Go ahead—the world is your duck pond.

This item will change the appearance of your fishing rod. This item will also permanently unlock this skin in your wardrobe.

Wintersday Choose Your Own Appearance Package

Make your own Wintersday getup with this full-featured package! The Wintersday Choose Your Own Appearance Package contains the following items:

  • Wintersday Outfit Voucher
  • Wintersday Accessories Voucher
  • Wintersday Weapon Voucher
  • Wintersday Dye Voucher
  • Total Makeover Kit

Each of the vouchers contained within this package can be exchanged for a variety of Wintersday-themed items! Put together your own unique look and try out the brand-new Snow Garden weapon skin collection. (Limit one package purchase per account.)


For the next week, we’re offering a 20% discount on Character Slot Expansions! This item will add one additional character slot to your account, allowing you to try out new playable races and professions.

Returning This Week

We’re bringing back some Wintersday-themed goods this week, including:

  • Arctic Explorer Outfit
  • Cryomancer Glider Skin
  • Fancy Winter Outfit
  • Glacial Glider
  • Ice Encasement Outfit
  • Winter Monarch Outfit
  • Winter Solstice Outfit

Seasonal Swap

Starting this Friday, look for the following items to be added to the Gem Store at a 20% discount:

  • Aurene’s Crystalline Claws
  • Aurene’s Crystalline Diadem Skin
  • Conjured Starlight Hat Skin
  • Dragon Mask Skin
  • Etherbound Greaves
  • Etherbound Gauntlets
  • Etherbound Pauldrons
  • Fuzzy Leopard Hat
  • Fuzzy Panda Hat
  • Ghost of the Deep Spaulders Skin
  • Glint’s Gaze Mask
  • Lion’s Mask Skin
  • Magical Unicorn Horn Set
  • Raven Gloves Skin
  • Raven Helm
  • Raven Mantle
  • Sailor’s Beanie
  • Salvaged Forged Gloves
  • Salvaged Forged Helm
  • Shadow of the Dragon Gloves Skin
  • Shadow of the Dragon Helmet Skin
  • Shadow of the Dragon Shoulder Skin
  • Shrine Guardian Ears Package
  • Stylish Shoes Skin
  • Swaggering Boots Skin
  • Swaggering Hat
  • Top Hat
  • Vermilion Vambrace s
  • Wizard’s Hat
  • Xera’s Mask
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!