Infinite Spirits of the Wild Gathering Tools

    Summon the spirits of Raven, Bear, and Wolf to aid you in gathering Tyria’s abundant resources. Just pick a node—they’ll handle the rest!

    This set includes three gathering tools that will never need replenishing:

    • Spirit of Raven Harvesting Tool containing a Glyph of Flight
    • Spirit of Bear Mining Tool containing a Glyph of Industry
    • Spirit of Wolf Logging Tool containing a Glyph of the Leatherworker

    What’s in Stock

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    Returning Today

    • Candy Cane Chair
    • Club Chair
    • Emblazoned Dragon Throne

    Returning This Week

    • Snowflake Glider
    • White Wings Glider Combo
    • Ice Encasement Outfit
    • Arctic Explorer Outfit
    • Winter Antlers Set
    • Freezie Crown
    • Sheet Music Glider
    • Cryomancer Glider
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