Depending on your bubble rotation, you might want to take Defiant Stance instead, and run Sword / Shield (marauder with Bloodlust and energy sigils). Endure pain and Dolyak Signet for more sustain, Featherfoot for an escape with resistance.

Additional rune choices are Durability when you are first trying out the build, Scholar and Scapper.

Run into enemies, pop Balanced stance (or Featherfoot if using) and drop your bubble, if enemies laid AOE you should have Full Counter ready when the bubble is down (F2) which when burst will immobilize enemies in your bubble.

As of 2019, Winds of Disechantment is now a charge skill meaning you have to hold the button to keep it up for its duration. Also means you need to keep stability going.





1st Ring: berserker
1st Accessory: berserker
Amulet: berserker
2nd Ring: berserker
2nd Accessory: berserker
Back: berserker

Main Specializations


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