Experience Graceful Beauty with the Giant Folding Fan Backpack and Glider Combo

    Giant Folding Fan Backpack and Glider Combo

    The dream of incarnadine autumn is eternal. Glide through the canopies of Tyria followed by a beautiful trail of maple leaves. When not in use, this elegant glider folds up neatly and can be stored on your back.

    Welcome Pack and Elite Jump-Start Package

    These bundles are the perfect way to give your adventures a kick-start, and they are both 20% off until January 1. The Guild Wars 2® Welcome Pack includes two Bag Slot Expansions, two 20 Slot Black Lion Satchels, five Experience Boosters, and ten Account-Bound Unidentified Dyes. This package is normally 800 gems, but with the 20% discount you can get this bundle now for only 640 gems!

    The Guild Wars 2 Elite Jump-Start Package is currently priced at 1920 gems (normally 2400 gems) and includes the following items: Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, Shared Inventory Slot, Unbreakable Gathering Tools Container, Character Slot Expansion, and Royal Terrace Pass. That’s over 5500 gems in value!

    A hero from Tyria gliding in the air while standing on a giant white folding fan adorned with red maple leaves. The fan has golden accents, and a trail of leaves can be seen behind it.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of gliders and backpack-and-glider combos with a 20% discount until January 12. The incredible discounted items include the Frostfire Glider, Fox Spirit Glider, Sylph Wings Backpack and Glider Combo, Cryomancer Glider, and many more!

    Black Lion Wintersday Sale

    We’re in the final week of our major Gem Store sale with scads of items returning to the shop at a 20% discount! If you’ve been waiting for your favorite skiff skin or outfit to return to the store, be sure to grab it before this sale ends on January 1. Happy holidays!

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