Role: CC, burst damage and resurrecting
Difficulty: Hard

Weapon variant

  • Greatsword over scepter/focus: More bags and damage for personal survivability and pulls

Trait variants

  • Prismatic Understanding: When main source of stealth
  • Chronomancer:
  • Time Catches up: so you can land your shatters

Skill variants

  • Blink: Low CD stunbreak and reposition for better Gravity Well/Illusion of life
  • Portal: “Portal bombs” and moving past hard chokes
  • Arcane Thievery: Single target boon removal and condition transfer. Personal superspeed and quickness.
  • Mimic: For double Portal, Veil or Illusion of life
  • Null Field: AoE pulsing boon removal
  • Mass Invisibility (Elite): Stealth and superspeed for first engage when <10 people

Gear variants

  • Absorption: For more deadly gravity wells
  • Bloodlust: Lot of damage
  • Severance: Major damage boost after interrupting
  • Night: Only during nighttime
  • Cleansing: Personal survivability


  • Eagle: DPS option if you can’t stay above 90% health
  • Pack: Supportive DPS option that grants both offensive boons and stats


  • Knight (Toughness, Power, Precision): Only when under heavy siege pressure


  • Fried Oyster Sandwitch: +70 power, 10% dmg reduction

Some tips:

  • Use your Gravity well within spellbreaker bubbles, refresh it midcast with continuum split
  • Mastering Gravity wells and Illusion of life means mastering mesmer in large scale fights
  • Chronomancer shatter skills require clones, shatter something as soon as you spawn some before they die
  • Allies go back to downed state after Illusion of life (15s) is over unless they kill someone – Interrupt enemies for maximum damage, alacrity and immobilizes





1st Ring: marauder
1st Accessory: marauder
Amulet: marauder
2nd Ring: marauder
2nd Accessory: marauder
Back: marauder

Main Specializations


Skill Variants

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