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This Month's news:

Gem card sales crash

News has come in that the EU gem card sales have run out of stock on the first day.
ArenaNet’s marketing maestro is rather puzzled at previous sales targets in the US and Latin America being much lower than the first day’s turnover of the EU sale, quoted at its next target for regional sales being the Moon or Mars.
Watch for the news post when that sale happens, we might have to bug Elon Musk to get us some!

Summer 2021 roadmap released

Good news, that we’ll see Legendary Armory this Summer. And it’s FREE!
Living World Seasons 2 & 3 will be returning with some new additions. These seasons have great maps where you can pick up stat selectable trinkets and backpacks for a bit of work with map currencies.
WvW and PvP Bonus events provide 100% more XP,

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