Delve into Dark Knowledge with the Heretical Scholar’s Cape and Hood Combo

    Heretical Scholar’s Cape and Hood Combo

    Carrying forbidden knowledge on your back is a heavy burden, so be sure to hide your true identity from prying eyes—you are the curator of words lost to time. This mysterious cosmetic set comes with both a back slot item and a helmet slot item, which serve to protect your precious cargo.

    Black Lion Wintersday Sale

    Last week, we kicked off a major Gem Store sale with oodles of items returning to the shop at a 20% discount! This week we’re also adding Black Lion Chest Keys to the sale. If you’ve been waiting for your favorite weapon skin or glider to return to the store, be sure to grab it before this sale ends on January 1. Happy holidays!

    A mysterious figure stands wearing a masked hood and long cloak. On their back is a glowing book locked by a dangerous-looking mechanism.

    What’s in Stock

    Our seasonal selection of minis will be discounted a bit longer than our Black Lion Wintersday Sale. The following items will remain on sale at 20% off until January 5:

    • Mini Maraca Choya Piñata
    • Mini Bloodstone Rock
    • Mini Rock
    • Mini Piglet
    • Mini Avatar of the Tree
    • Mini Krytan Floppy Fish
    • Mini Zaishen Puppy
    • Mini Pact Airship
    • Mini Moose
    • Mini Mordrem Leyleecher
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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