There’s a Guild Wars 2 Balance patch scheduled for December 3rd, and we have early patch notes.

Most noticeable is the removal of falling damage reduction traits, which don’t appear in many of our builds. Tends to be used by trolls as the results are interrupts.

Elementalists and Engineers now get a swappable weapon slot, which is out of Combat only.

December 3rd Patch notes


In previous updates, several traits that had global cooldowns were changed to having cooldowns per target. Blinding Ashes wasn’t included in those updates, but we felt it could use the small bonus to usability.


We read your feedback on Detection Pulse feeling odd as the Purge Gyro’s toolbelt skill and your desire to see Chemical Field returned. While we agree with the sentiment overall that there is more gameplay and interesting options with Chemical Field, there is also important counterplay present with Detection Pulse. As we can’t place Purge Gyro’s Detection Pulse back on the elite toolbelt slot, we’re instead replacing Utility Goggles’ lackluster toolbelt skill, Analyze, with Detection Pulse. Utility Goggles is also getting a small but significant change from granting fury to instead granting some brief resistance.


Guardian is unique among the professions in how many revival traits it has. With this rework, we are updating Courageous Return into a new, more general trait that benefits the guardian in situations when reviving allies is not possible. Additionally, we’re changing the healing power bonus on Signet of Mercy to a concentration bonus as we feel it’s generally a more useful stat for the profession given the amount of boons it outputs even when the guardian is not acting as a healer.


While we think the new version of Chaotic Interruption is pretty powerful, it doesn’t really feel like it’s working if you aren’t looking at your skill bar. We’re adding some additional effects to give players a better sense of when it activates.


In addition to the updates to the revival skill Signet of Undeath and the falling damage trait Terrifying Descent, we are also revisiting a few issues from previous updates. Unholy Sanctuary is getting an update to help it better compete with the other updates to the Death Magic line, and Manifest Sand Shade is having its recharge reduced in PvE to make it easier to reposition shades.


We’re reducing the recharge on Allies’ Aid in PvE only since we feel it is sufficiently powerful in competitive modes already.


We’re bumping up the range on some of Ventari’s Legendary Centaur Stance skills in this update to make it a little easier to affect your allies with them.


We released a hotfix for Deadly Ambition for PvP in November, but in this update we’re addressing the issue with a more comprehensive and functional change to refocus the trait on control over its usage rather than being a very passive damage increase.


Along with the removal of falling damage effects and readjustment of Peak Performance, we are also removing a requirement from Sundering Mace that we felt was superfluous.

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