Complete Your Look with the Prayer Strip Focus and Canthan Sun Hat

    Prayer Strip Focus Skin

    This focus features masterful imbued calligraphy and a perfectly weighted strand of precious beads.

    Canthan Sun Hat Skin

    A timeless design that will keep your face cool and shaded under the sun’s harshest light.

    March Sales Continue

    The whole month is packed with sales! Head to the Gem Store every day in March to pick up value packages and discounts on some of our most popular items.

    22 March
    30% Off—Bank Tab Expansion

    23 March
    The Black Lion Backpack and Glider Voucher returns, updated with new selections.

    24 March
    25% Off—Black Lion Chest Keys

    25 March
    The new Black Lion Toy Box Voucher Pack contains 10 redeemable Black Lion Statuettes and vouchers you can use to select your favorite chair, held toy, and musical instrument.

    26 March
    20% Off—Etherbound Pauldrons, Etherbound Gauntlets, Etherbound Greaves, Forest Archer Pack, Immortal Halo Package, Immortal Nimbus Package, Immortal Ring Package, Swaggering Boots, Swaggering Hat, and Shrine Guardian Ears Package

    End of Dragons Launch Supply Drop Requisition—Final Week!

    There’s just one week left to get four shipments of fantastic Black Lion goods delivered straight to your mailbox.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of adorable springtime miniatures this week.

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