Collect New Items Every Week with the Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop

    Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop (4-Week Pass)

    Open up to the secrets of the Gem Store for weekly supplies and more! When you purchase the Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop, the Black Lion Trading Company will send you a package of valuable items each week. The first supply drop will arrive as soon as you’ve purchased a requisition, and the others will be delivered on the three following Mondays.

    This week, the Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop is available at the discounted price of 2,400 gems. The discount decreases each week, so pick up yours now for the best price—and to get your first shipment of items today! (Limited to one purchase per account. Purchases made after week one will include items from the previous weeks in the first delivery.)

    Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop

    Week One

    • Amnytas Feathered Raptors Mounts Pack: This package includes the Sky Runner Feathered Raptor Skin, Island Sprinter Feathered Raptor Skin, and Charged Feathered Raptor Skin.
    • Black Lion Cape Voucher
    • 2 Heroic Boosters

    Week Two

    • Black Lion Backpack and Glider Voucher
    • “/Readbook” Emote Tome
    • 2 Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks
    • Communal Boost Bonfire

    Week Three

    • Black Lion Finisher Voucher
    • Black Lion Weapons Voucher
    • 3 Seven Dragon Dye Packs

    Week Four

    • 5 Black Lion Chest Keys
    • 2 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets
    • Golden Black Lion Chest Key

    Comfortable Reading Chair

    The Tyrian late evenings will become cozier with this lovely chair! Sit down and enjoy a thrilling book.

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