Choya Stampede!

The choyapocalypse is upon us! Read today’s update notes…and may Kormir protect us all.

Join the Choya Carnival! Or Don’t

Adventurers who’ve reached at least level 15 are under the watchful eyes of the choya sages, who sound very important. Their favor will bestow a Spiked Choya Psionic Tonic, which transforms you into a round, spiky, grumbly, cranky choya if you choose to drink it. If you choose not to drink it, it doesn’t do anything. Your future is what you make of it.

As a choya, you’ll unlock fantastic abilities far beyond those you currently possess. Could a mere hero do…this?

  • Travel the world and get into fights (as a choya)
  • Explore Fractals of the Mists (as a choya)
  • Compete in the Mist War (as a choya)
  • Glide (as a choya)
  • Wave arms
  • Make sounds
  • Dance

Your power is nearly limitless, with minor exceptions:

  • Mounts refuse to accept passengers this prickly. You’ll have to stampede on foot.
  • Choya cannot distinguish between weapons, chairs, and musical instruments, with potentially tragic consequences. Novelties are out of bounds in choya mode.
  • Choya are sore losers and insufferable winners. They have been banned for eternity from structured PvP.
  • To prevent irreparable damage to the fabric of reality, the Spiked Choya Psionic Tonic will lose its potency on 6 April.

The Trials of the Sage

What designs do the choya sages have on you? What are their goals? We don’t know the answers to these questions, but a magnificent choya sage and their followers have taken over the Grand Piazza in Lion’s Arch. Talk to the sage to accept three challenging tasks on behalf of the choya and earn achievements!

You should probably attempt to do the tasks before reporting back, but we’re not the boss of you.

Super Adventure Festival

Don’t forget—Tyria’s bounciest event returns on April 6! Collect Bauble Bubbles, earn Super Adventure weapon skins, quell the stubborn rage in your heart, and regain your sense of direction and purpose.