Celebrate Victory with New Warclaw Mount Skins

    Canthan Nian Warclaw Mount Skin Pack

    Dazzle your opponents with these striking warclaw skins. The set includes a dignified Canthan Nian Warclaw Skin, a brilliant Kinya Nian Warclaw Skin, and a seriously cool Glacial Nian Warclaw Skin.

    What’s In Stock

    Leave a lasting impression on your enemies! We’re updating our seasonal stock of permanent finishers later this week.

    Returning Today
    20% Off—Shared Inventory Slot, Mist Stranger Axe Skin, Mist Stranger Shield Skin, and Mist Stranger Outfit

    Returning This Week
    20% Off—Home Instance Node Pack, Black Lion Garden Plot Deed, Season 3 Expedition Contract, and Season 4 Expedition Contract

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