Gem Store Update: Plush Cuckoo Springer Skin and Fluttering Fairy Jade Bot Skin

Plush Cuckoo Springer Skin Y’know, with how many plushies we’ve got lately, I’m gonna need a bigger bed to keep them all on. I’ve been sleeping on my Comfy Cat Chair instead… Fluttering Fairy Jade Bot Skin We know that some of you like to make yourselves as bright and sparkly as possible, and we’re […]

Guild Wars 2 Black Friday Sales and Bonus XP Event Start Today!

We’re starting our Black Friday sales early this year! For the next week, we’ll be offering major discounts on Guild Wars 2 expansions. You’ll have until next Tuesday, November 29 to take advantage of these sales. We’ll also be offering daily sales on popular in-game items and account upgrades starting on Black Friday itself, November […]

Gem Store Update: Imperial Wonders Mounts and Comfy Cat Chair

Imperial Wonders Mount Skins These new mount skins are available exclusively through the Imperial Wonders Mount Select License and the Imperial Wonders Mount Adoption License. The Mount Select License will allow you to pick whichever mount skin you’d prefer from the selection. The Mount Adoption License will unlock a random mount skin from the collection […]

The Guild Wars 2 Art Show: November 23

Don’t miss the next episode of the Guild Wars 2 Art Show livestream, where our ArenaNet Creative Partners show their latest Guild Wars 2-inspired work, discuss art techniques, and hang out in chat. Let’s celebrate art together! The Guild Wars 2 Art Show Wednesday, November 23 at 8:00 p.m. UTC (noon Pacific Time) Host: Skar […]

Black Friday Deals: Discounts on Guild Wars 2 Expansions!

Black Friday Sales Starting on November 22, we will be offering discounts on all Guild Wars 2 expansions through the Guild Wars 2 website and through participating retailers. More details about these discounts will be included in an upcoming announcement. Additionally, we’ll be offering daily sales on in-game items and upgrades from Friday, November 25 […]

Gem Store Update: Savage Scale Armor and Lightning Wings

Savage Scale Package The time has come. Your body reacts without thinking and base instincts kick in. Embrace your savage nature. Give in to the thrill of battle. Lightning Wings Backpack and Glider Combo The College of Synergetics’s latest experiment has resulted in what you see here today: a device that—despite its raw energetic dispersions—has […]

Gem Store Update: Unyielding Haechi Warclaw and Divine Conqueror Appearance Package

Unyielding Haechi Warclaw This fluffy friend headbutts people who make incorrect decisions—don’t end up on the wrong end of its horns. Adopt the Unyielding Haechi warclaw into your mount collection today. Divine Conqueror Appearance Package What? No, it’s just, like, generically divine. Well, I mean, we can’t say Balthazar for…obvious reasons… Look, its regalia fit […]

Living World Season 1 Return: “Battle for Lion’s Arch” Is Now Live!

The fifth and final episode of Living World Season 1 is now playable for free in your story journal. This chapter brings Season 1 to a close and finally bridges the longstanding gap between the core game and Living World Season 2. The complete saga of Guild Wars 2—from the original release to End of […]

November 29 Profession Balance Update Preview Livestream Friday

Please join us this Friday, November 11 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-8) on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel for a preview of the November 29 profession balance update! We’ll have Skills and Balance Team Lead Cal “cmc” Cohen and Associate Game Designer Roy “Roy” Marks on stream to walk you through the details […]

ArenaNet’s 24-Hour Extra Life Game Day Stream Is Tomorrow!

Team ArenaNet’s Extra Life Game Day is tomorrow, November 4, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7). We’ll be streaming for 24 hours straight in support of Children’s Miracle Network. If this is your first time hearing about Extra Life, check out our previous announcement regarding the event here. Since our last update, our running donation total […]